Duration: 01/01/2023 – 31/12/2026

The DIOPTRA project is committed to improving colorectal cancer (CRC) risk assessment, screening, and progression using innovative technologies. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of its products, i2Grow is conducting health technology assessment activities based on the HTA Core Model® developed by EUNetHTA.
The assessment will be conducted including the most relevant issues of the Core Model® for the health problem addressed related to the first 8 domains, through rigorous scientific methodologies: data collection within a multicentre clinical trial, published literature (i.e. systematic literature reviews) and semi-structured interviews administered to key opinion leaders. Furthermore, a cost-effectiveness model will be implemented to assess the efficacy in resources utilization related with the technologies analysed within the project.
The approach adopted will allow decision makers to take informed decisions related to the most advanced technologies available for CRC screening and prevention, allowing patients to have access to effective, safe, efficient and sustainable health technologies that incorporate lifestyle and environmental factors using network modelling and Artificial Intelligence-based Decision Support System.

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