Connecting Business. Aiding Innovation.

Conceived in 2009 at the intersection of Innovation Management, Technology and Finance for disruptive ideas, we keep on preserving our focus serving Organizations having high innovation potential.


I2Grow supports the most promising European innovative companies and startups to bootstrap, seed, grow and create sustainable and impactful solutions aiming at addressing the challenges of today and at shaping the future.

After a careful selection and screening of customers, our multi-disciplinary, highly skilled, creative, intellectually restless, digital team, of engineers, project managers, business model strategists, psychologists and sociologists, supports the overall process from idea and concept, to development and deployment, to market captivation and growth.

Our network, of partnerships and relationships with corporates, governments, universities, research centers and the relevant Ecosystem in Europe, is in the disposal of our customers adding a significant value to them.

Europe is becoming a huge physical and virtually connected hub of innovation.

Our mission is to be a prominent partner in this hub continually providing sustainable value.

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