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We believe that every idea has the right to be implemented. Our goal is to support it at every stage and give it a chance to skyrocket.

Funding is Our Specialty

Innovation2Grow offers a range of services to help you find the most suitable funding source necessary to grow your business. No matter if you are seeking public funding from EU or other government sources or if you require a private funding, we will guide you to the best direction for your business.

EU Public Financing

Private Funding

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Pietro Jonsi

Amazing teamwork and professional approach make you guys a number one choice for fresh business projects like myself! I would definitely recommend your services to all of my friends and associates!

Pietro Jonsi

BakingPro Group
Melissa Hunter

Working with you guys have been a real pleasure! The professional, caring technical support team is always there to assist! Thank you so much for helping us out with tons of ideas and projects so fast!

Melissa Hunter

Hunters Group
Liam Smith

I am grateful for your hard and devoted work on my business project! I never expected it to be a bomb, however, in the end, it turned out to be a great success. I love the individual approach and creativity!

Liam Smith

LSmith Company
Years in Business
Countries Worldwide
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We Deliver Success

Our aim is to give you the best so you can uncover your potential of being the best. We are really devoted in truly making your business or idea succeed. Our guarantee is the track record and the wide portfolio of successful partnerships we have created during our fruitful experience in the market.

Companies to Market 89%
Fruitful Connections 74%
Projects Financed 96%
Successful Products 83%

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